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The Exchange Authority was founded as an LLP in July 1999 by Tim Halligan and John Kimball. Both were attracted to the business because of their interest to work on more complicated real estate transactions. In the late 1990’s the exchange business was just gaining traction as a viable mechanism to help clients defer capital gains taxes. Since the company’s beginnings, regulations have become stricter and more complex.

Demand for Exchange Authority services has grown over time. The Exchange Authority as seen the audience for 1031 exchanges expand from small business owners to everyday investors and soccer moms. The benefits of changing the form of your real estate investment without cashing out or recognizing a capital gain is highly appealing, allowing your investment to continue to grow tax deferred.

In 2008, Exchange Authority was sold to Fidelity Cooperative Bank, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank. Today, the Exchange Authority continues to be the company of Experts That Other Experts Turn To for 1031 advice. If you need help doing the math on your investment properties or more, give us a call. For generations, we’ve helped people just like you and continue to serve with a tradition of excellence and 100% client satisfaction.

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